June 2018 Backyard Oasis Installation included Patio, Walkway, water feature, lighting, outdoor kitchen, garden beds, steps & landing from home

“We hired Elite Stone Works (Andre) to redo our backyard. Our project consisted of multiple items - removal of an existing natural stone patio, demolition of an existing firepit and conversion to a water feature, installation of a new paver based patio, a natural gas firepit, an outdoor kitchen, footings for a pergola and a dog relief area because let's be honest, we are not going to let me beautiful new lawn be destroyed by dog urine. To say that we enthusiastically recommend Andre and his company would be a significant understatement.

We have undertaken a number of projects at our home including its overall construction, finishing of a basement and a complete remodel of a master bath. Let's be clear, EVERY project has issues. The true measure of a professional is how they address those issues when they occur. Andre is unlike any tradesman with which we have worked. He is incredibly responsive. I generally make it a rule to avoid contact outside of normal business hours unless there is a critical issue that needs to be addressed in order for work to continue.

Any time that I contacted Andre, be it during business hours or in the rare case of after hours, he either answered or returned my call in an hour or less. Each interaction, even at times when I was frustrated or concerned, he kept a calm demeanor and worked with me to find a solution. The quality of the workmanship is absolutely excellent. Andre's team (especially Wilbur - seriously, ask for him on your project) are excellent. To say that I am meticulous would be a disservice to Wilbur. I assumed the role of general contractor on this project. I work from home so I would often check in during the day and address small items that were not aligning to my expectations/standards. As I said, I am beyond meticulous so this is not a critique of the work but an acknowledgement of my zeal. Each time Wilbur and Andre happily accommodated my input and made the necessary adjustments. In terms of the project timeline and budget, we were well over our timeline for this project.

This was owing to two primary factors. First, the spring was brutally wet. This resulting in not being able to get heavy equipment into our backyard to aid with the excavation tasks for weeks. Second, this project was very complex with multiple sub contractors needing to coordinate. Without a seasoned general contractor, we simply did not coordinate particularly well on some items. This is in no way on Andre. If there is one thing I can share with anyone taking on a project of this scale and scope, it is to find a general contractor. The added expense is well worth the experience they bring to the project. In terms of budget, Andre was exactly on budget. When we added scope, he was fair and open about the additional cost of the addition and then we were allowed to make a decision. There was never a feeling that he underbid the project and then tried to recoup costs through change orders. We acknowledge our additions to the project and as I said, he was extremely fair about them. Overall, we couldn't be happier with the outcome of the project. The area has changed our entire backyard and for that matter our home. We, without any reservation, are thrilled to write this review and strongly recommend Andre and Elite Stone Works for your project. We only wish we could attach more pictures to share the amazing work that Andre and his team completed.”

Anthony S., Waltham, MA, A Rating Review on Angieslist.com